The Secret (lubphire) wrote in untold_emotions,
The Secret

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I love her. She would ask me why if I told her cause she's funny like that. I just love her. If she died today I'd be completely devastated. She probably won't believe this but it's true. If she asked me to marry her, which i know she wouldn't but IF, I would cry uncontrollably. I love how caring, generous, loving she is. I love her sense of humor and her laugh. I love the way she looks, even when she's sleeping. I love her brutal honesty, even though it's hard to hear sometimes. I love how anally organized she is, how responsible she is but at the drop of a dime completely carefree. I love how she takes action without thinking about it. I love how silly she can be with me. I love the way she touches, kisses and fucks me.

(i'm gonna be so embarrased if she reads this)
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