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sometimes, depending on the person and how much I hate/dispise them and what they have done to me to make me REALLY not like them ....I have evil thoughts about them dying in some awful way...
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out of my mind...

a writing that fell out a few minutes ago. havent posted in a long, long while so I though I'd share...


nothing seems to change in here,
same old thoughts, same old fears.
its like being stuck in one small place
but every mirror I see shows a different face.
it's a tiny little room in the back of my mind
I don't know how I got here, but I'm stuck inside.
I can see the outside world from in here
but I just can't seem to get near
the way I used to be, so I'm looking to find
a way out of here, a way out of my mind.

I reach out to the real world, out to reality
it's right at my fingers and I want it so badly
It's nearly in my grasp but I can't grab hold
and the closer I get the more the memories unfold.
they push, they fight and they hold me back,
I try to blow them off but don't know how to react.
It's clouding my thoughs and pushing me to the brink
it has me to the point that I can't even think
but still I move on hoping to find,
a way out ov here a way out of my mind...
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(no subject)

I have been married for 6 months. I just found out that my husband cheated on me one month before our wedding. There were absolutely no signs that he would do something like this. He did not confess. I found out on my own which makes it even worse. Needless to say, I was devastated AND completely shocked because we have had the perfect relationship for 4 years and I'm not exaggerating when I say that. We truly are best friends, we never fight and do everything together. We have wonderful chemistry together. That's why I just can't make sense of what happened. It's been 3 weeks since I found out and I have decided to forgive him. I just don't feel that I can throw our marriage away when he otherwise treats me like a queen. I really think we were meant for each other and he just made a bad mistake.

So who here has been cheated on in a case like this? Would you forgive him? Did you forgive him?

Advice please.
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My doctor & I decided that I should go off of Paxil. So currently weaning off it. I am so cranky, sleepy and have mood swings like a motherbitch.

This week, I knocked it down to 10 mg and then next week it will be down to 5 mg. Then I am off of that and onto Effexor.

Any advice?
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Advice please

Im sooo Confused ......And I dont know what to do ..Ok I have this Huge Crush On this guy but its my best friends B/f and He likes me too and He dosent much Like her anymore ..But she can be some what hurtful to herself What Am I gonna do .....Any advice....And He wants to be with me ......HELP
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buffalo plaid life

Hey all,

Still not inspired, months later ....
Listen guys, I need help with my zine, "uncontrollable emotions".

Anyone who helps will be greatly rewarded with a free copy of the first edition. (And, will of course, be credited ...)

Here's what I am looking for:

Please send all submissions to me -- email for the address @
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Gunslinger Girl

(no subject)

Do you remember the promise you made to me on the night of the beach run? You broke it. Nevermind that you broke every promise you ever made to me. But the one you made that night meant the most to me; that one was the one I put the most faith in. You broke it all to pieces. You replaced me, you stopped being my friend because of her. That heartfelt promise of always being my friend no matter what, of not letting her supplant me... you shattered it. You hate me now, you're infatuated with her, and for what? I was faithful to you like she never was. I was there for you like she never was. Hell, I'm legal like she isn't. You hate me now and nothing I do can change it.
Gunslinger Girl

Sorry there's no names...

I hate him, but I would still forgive him if he came back and apologized to me right now.
I'm jealous of her but she's still my friend and I should forgive.
I'm with him, but I'm not sure that I want to be. He could hurt me terribly if I let myself trust him.
I've still got feelings for him, but he's oblivious.
The more I talk to him, the more great he seems. I couldn't leave my boyfriend for him, though. I would never hurt someone the way I was hurt.